Mass directors checking

A contemporary world exposes an unlimited quantity of possibilities to a man, but at the same time a lot of difficulties and obstacles lay wait for us. Sticking to the rule “forewarned is forearmed” it is possible to avoid many dangers of nowadays. One of which is the notion of mass directors. Who are they and what is specific for them actually? Let us figure out.

A mass director is a person being a chief executive (founder) in more than 10 companies. Moreover, this person may be considered a director on papers only, bearing no relation to the company actually. This may be both fake people having trusted fraudsters their documents and having no idea of their leading positions, and sly directors of short-lived companies. Of course, it must be admitted that one person can really manage, for instance, ten companies of the same branch and control their activity truly. However such situations are more likely an exception.

Mass directors lists

Obviously, no one wants to see dubious companies as business partners. Because by a corresponding inspection a tax office will get interested in not only a founder, but also in his/her business partners.

Alas, but everyone may fall victim to fraudsters that use your documents for their own profit. There are a great number of examples, when unsuspecting citizens having received subpoenas and then being in court were discovering to their own surprise that they were directors of numerous companies. At the same time the status of just a nominal director will not help you. Being a director on papers, you will be responsible for all activity of “your” company.

Mass directors checking

For security purposes of legitimate businessmen and average citizens the federal tax service has elaborated a new service for mass directors revealing. It presents all data on persons being directors (shareholders) in ten and more companies. Everyone without any limits can find necessary information there by the full name of the person being the point of interest.

Certainly, this service simplifies and stabilizes the work of accountants and entrepreneurs incredibly, who wish to check their business partners. As mass directors’ negative reputation casts a shadow on those who cooperate with them. To prevent from going wrong by choosing business partners now there is no need for directors to put in great efforts, a mass founder checking does not require much efforts and time. The base with reports on the mass directors list is provided by the service.

The mentioned website offers the ways of moment data acquisition on mass directors, companies, investigation of related firms, debts and bankruptcy data, arbitration cases review, government contracts materials.

Thanks to high-technology capabilities of the online service you are able to obtain accurate information by trusted sources in a convenient way immediately. For example, all necessary news on company data will be displayed in one window, and the bankruptcy section will state all related procedures.

The service is quite convenient for detection of mass directors and other companion processes. It is possible to detect the mass registration location easily and interaction between firms, and also to check not only physical, but also legal entities.

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