Immediate checking of your business partners

Birank service searches an individual entrepreneur or a company by a registration address, name, TIN, managing director's name or by other characteristics. Mistypes will be corrected and all data are shown up in a single window. Thanks to online-access to public official sources, information is always up-to-date and trustworthy.

The Birank system provides the following information:

Monitor a company you are interested in. In case of any changes in its data concerning commercial proceedings, USRIP/USRLE, bankruptcy information and many other points, you will get an immediate notification on your e-mail.


Моментальное получение данных о компании

You get information on a Russian company immediately

An accurate search by official sources – the result is shown up in a single window

Проверка связанных фирм

Related companies checking

Detection of natural persons' and business partners' relations

Сведения о банкротстве организации

Information on corporate bankruptcy

Data on procedures, connected with the bankruptcy.

Информация о долгах

Debts information

Information from enforcement proceedings data base

Анализ арбитражных дел

Arbitration cases analysis

Court decisions on commercial proceedings, related to your business partner

Данные о государственных контрактах

Information on government contracts

Information on government contracts agreements

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