Bankruptcy information

Bankruptcy data obtained in time will help to avoid losses and reduce risks incredibly by cooperation with working and new business partners. As under financial insolvency the inability of a legal or physical entity to be liable for its debts is meant officially recognized by a state body.

Bankruptcy information lets make a right decision on reasonability of a new or future cooperation. It makes it possible to conclude amicable agreement and determine the prospective of your requirements meeting.

Checking for bankruptcy

Thanks to team-work with various government entities, database absorbs update information on legal entities and individual entrepreneurs in real-time mode. Using our service you will get:

1. Summary data:

  • Full name, registration date and address;

  • Status of a legal entity or individual entrepreneur;

  • INN, KPP, OGRN, OKPO, registration data at the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation and the Federal Compulsory Medical Insurance Fund;

  • Tax authority code;

  • Kinds of activity, valid certificates and licenses;

  • Data on the board of directors chairman;

  • Size of the charter capital and shares of main founders;

  • EGRUL (EGRIP) report downloading.

Enforcement proceedings data:

  • Amount to recover;

  • Participation in arbitration as a claimer and defendant.

Financial information:

  • Financial standing and analysis by three previous years;

  • Company’s balance at runtime;

  • Revenues and net profit in monetary and percentage terms to the last year;

  • Won government contracts with amount indication;

  • Contracts placed by a company.

So, the integrated site of bankruptcy information presents not only insolvency data but also comprehensive information on the object that is considered to be public and not commercial classified information. The result of accurate search at official sources is presented in one window, convenient for quick view with a possibility to study separate points in more detail.

Data on bankruptcy of physical and legal entities are placed in the report right under the name. If an enterprise is still conducting an activity, then you will see the words “Operating company”.

The sections “Related companies” and “Established legal entities” will give some points to ponder. Before the arbitration court recognizes bankrupt status officially, enterprises may keep on conducting their activity and it is not always profitable for business partners. The first sings of financial crisis can be detected through subsidiaries. Our checking lets find companies related to the firm being checked through a common director, registration address and founders.

Representatives of small business performing work and rendering services not stated at EGRUL (EGRIP) or with the expired license may get you into trouble.

Integrated site of bankruptcy information

Internet-service has a wide range of capabilities for information obtaining and transfer concerning operating, bankrupt and liquidated companies. All sources are official state resources for open and limited access. At the same time the data entering our bankruptcy information register are exposed for using by third parties, and the fact of information request does not infringe the legislation of the Russian Federation.

Smart search. The Birank service finds legal entities and individual entrepreneurs by name, registration address, INN, director’s full name and other parameters. Thanks to high technological capabilities the searching is carried out not only through accurate but also partial identity, what lets show correct results even if there are mistypes.

Reliable sources. The Birank program engages with bases of such state entities like the Federal Tax Service (EGRUL and EGRIP), the Unified Federal Register of Bankruptcy Information, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation, the Government Contracts base of the Federal Treasury, the Federal Bailiff Service and others.

Urgent character. Online-access to databases of government establishments guarantees update and accurate information, and reliable data communication speed protocols – immediate updating and elimination of wrong data.

Monitoring capability. The Birank service makes it possible to monitor the company you are interested in. Having subscribed for updating, all change notifications will be sent to your email. For example, arbitration court litigation, introduction of amendments to EGRIP (EGRUL), tender award and many other things.

Bankruptcy detection. With the help of our service you obtain comprehensive information on bankruptcy of legal entities and individual entrepreneurs, specifically starting of bankruptcy procedure, company assets disposal, bankruptcy administration appointment and ratification, conclusive result of bankruptcy adjudication procedure.

Advantages of business partners checking through Birank service

  • Our program lets avoid negative consequences on the part of unreliable business partners;

  • A capability to analyze all arbitration activity of opponents and proceedings outcome;

  • Company’s affiliation study, that is distinguishing of influence on other legal entities’ business;

  • Directors and founders checking for “mass nature”, that is detection of entities registering a great number of short-lived companies;

  • Directors and founders checking for disqualification, and a company checking for passing a procedure from the initial stage.

Using Birank service, you will be surrounded by thriving business partners, running their business in good faith. If you have questions concerning usage and data analysis you are able to consult our experts at any time by this contact number: +7 (843) 204-20-91.

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