Scheduled inspections

A managing director of a company of any incorporation form is watchful of inspections. Supervisory bodies may arrive unexpectedly or within a framework of a scheduled inspection. The first variant is most often connected with complaints of employees or financial difficulties of business partners, and the second type of visit is planned in advance and has a specific intent.

Analysis of business partner’s purchases

Whatever the business, there is always a risk of cooperation with a business partner which may turn out to be dishonest. Nobody is immune to that, but it is possible to prevent from such a situation and protect the company from undesirable cooperation with the service. With the help of this service you can analyze business partner’s purchases without delay and get a comprehensive result.

Business security

The first place among reasons for losses of thousands of companies around the world belongs to business partner’s unreliability. Unfulfilled liabilities, disappearance of responsible persons, introduction of fraud schemes – all this may become a tragedy for your business, if you did not manage to analyze threats to an enterprise before staring cooperation.

Checking for good business practice

Good business practice of a prospective business partner is guarantee of its capability to fulfill obligations and evidence of the fact that it intends to do that

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