Balance sheet

Balance sheet is an information report on enterprise’s financial standing as of the specific date. It refers to top five reports. In compliance with the international standards, it contains data on company’s assets and liabilities, equity and loan capital. On the basis of company’s balance sheet it is possible to estimate its financial standing, ratio of equity to loan funds.

Bankruptcy information

Bankruptcy data obtained in time will help to avoid losses and reduce risks incredibly by cooperation with working and new business partners. As under financial insolvency the inability of a legal or physical entity to be liable for its debts is meant officially recognized by a state body.

Checking by OGRN

A primary state registration number (OGRN) is assigned to each and every company by incorporation. This number testifies that a company is legal. Basic information on a company is coded in this number in particular, and anyone who feels like it may get to learn this information. These data are held in the base of the tax service.

Mass registration addresses

When being established any enterprise obtains not only a director, founders and name, but also an address that is registered at the USRLE (Unified State Register of Legal Entities) and considered to b

your INN