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An accurate search by official sources – the result is shown up in a single window

Related companies checking

Detection of natural persons' and business partners' relations

Information on corporate bankruptcy

Data on procedures, connected with the bankruptcy.

Learn the debts

Information from enforcement proceedings data base

Commercial proceedings analysis

Court decisions on commercial proceedings, related to your business partner

Information on government contracts

Information on government contracts agreements


  • Accounting reports
  • Bankruptcy information
  • Commercial proceedings
  • Enforcement proceedings
  • Affiliation of natural persons and legal entities
  • A list of related corporations
  • Data from the “Vestnik gosudarstvennoy registratsii” magazine
  • Frozen accounts
  • Public procurements
  • Trade marks
  • Emitent messages
  • Special registers
  • Scheduled inspections
  • Licenses and permissions
  • Analytical report
  • Company history
  • Address on the map
  • Affiliation in graphic form
  • Business partners monitoring
  • Detailed company card uploading
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Экономическая безопасность предприятия

Экономическая деятельность предполагает налаживание тесного делового сотрудничества, обмен информацией, денежные переводы, поставки продукции и оказание услуг. От эффективной минимизации рисков на каж ...

Фирмы однодневки

На законодательном уровне до сих пор нет четкого определения, которым обозначаются фирмы однодневки. Это является парадоксальным, поскольку в реальности они существуют и ведут активную деятельность, н ...

Информация о долгах

Самый надежный способ выяснить степень ответственности компании – это ознакомиться со списком ее текущих задолженностей. Информация о долгах позволяет получить полное представление о финансовом положе ...

Opinion of the system

Thank you very much!

The Birank system provides a good stock of information for considering a contract and checking every participant. Besides, you can reduce risks considerably. With the help of this system we managed to insure our customers against losses of 45 mln rubles for 2 months, thanks to detection of front legal entities. Deep gratitude to Birank!

Andrey Illarionov – the Head of Economic Security Service

Thanks to the Birank system we easily managed to check up a company by its TIN regarding data authenticity, to be more exact to detect managing directors and founders, location of the mass registration address and mutual interaction of companiies. Moreover, it is possible to check up both natural persons and legal entities. Not every security system provides such an opportunity. The reports from the Unified State Register of Legal Entities are made up immediately and easily. Before liquidation of a company you can make certain of a full bookkeeping report delivery. This lets make an estimation of financial risks.

LLC «StroyServisMontazh» – lawyer

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