Моментальное получение данных о компании

You get information on a Russian company immediately

An accurate search by official sources – the result is shown up in a single window

Проверка связанных фирм

Related companies checking

Detection of natural persons' and business partners' relations

Сведения о банкротстве организации

Information on corporate bankruptcy

Data on procedures, connected with the bankruptcy.

Информация о долгах

Debts information

Information from enforcement proceedings data base

Анализ арбитражных дел

Arbitration cases analysis

Court decisions on commercial proceedings, related to your business partner

Данные о государственных контрактах

Information on government contracts

Information on government contracts agreements

Оценка финансового состояния компании

Company's financial standing assessment

A brisk analysis of bookkeeping gives an opportunity to understand that a business partner is engaged in economic activity.

Вычисление «массовых» адресов

«Mass registration» addresses detection

When the company's address is in one source, the company's card shows the "FTS special addresses register" block.

Работайте с мобильного устройства

Do checkings through your mobile devices

A comfortable checking process through any devices

You get information on a Russian company immediately

The service lets get an up-to-date report from the Unified State Register of Legal Entities in a short span of time. The most reliable data from the sources listed below will be available to you:

  • — The Supreme Commercial Court and other official public sources;
  • — Bookkeeping report base of the Federal State Statistics Service;
  • — Government contracts base;
  • — The unified federal register of bankruptcy information.

Related companies checking

A detection of relations with any natural persons or legal entities is considered to be a significant checking procedure. Thanks to our service, you will find the companies which have common:

  • — registration address;
  • — managing director;
  • — Government contracts base;
  • — founders.

Company's bankruptcy detection

Bankruptcy process beginning does not always provide evidence of company liquidation inevitability. However, it may indicate company's financial difficulties. The following information is always exposed to publication:

  • — auctions arrangement, concerning asset sales and their results;
  • — ratification, shifting or deprivation of an insolvency practitioner;
  • — monitoring, bankruptcy administration, monetary assistance introduction;
  • — dismissal of bankruptcy case;
  • — recognition a company-debtor as a bankrupt and bankruptcy proceeding beginning;
  • — fulfillment of the third parties' requests for a company-debtor's obligations discharge.

Arbitration cases analysis

The review of prospective business partner's commercial proceedings gives an oppportunity to make up a broad picture of the company and its market behaviour. The given commercial proceedings allow to learn the following:

  • — company's participation in standard trials;
  • — claim filing for a company and so forth.

Information on government contracts

Form an estimation of a frequent cooperation of companies-rivals, which may participate in tenders and become your competitors. The fact that a company concluded government contracts not just once and fulfilled its undertaken obligations right on time gives evidence of its reliability. Each contract contains such data as:

  • — an ordering party;
  • — contract date;
  • — transaction amount;
  • — contract status and number;
  • — undertaken obligations.

Company's financial standing assessment

A brisk analysis of bookkeeping gives an opportunity to understand that a business partner is engaged in economic activity. You have an opportunity to make amounts assessment, which are under company's operation, and company's financial sustainability. The service will make up a report, which lets review the analysis of:

  • — a financial standing;
  • — efficiency of the conducted activity;
  • — financial standing and activity rating;
  • — financial liquidity and sustainability.

«Mass registration» addresses detection

If you find a company in the "mass registration" addresses register, it does not mean that a company has "a black mark" on its reputation. However, this may indicate that this point must be checked up in more detail.

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