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Business security problems

The first place among reasons for losses of thousands of companies around the world belongs to business partner’s unreliability. Unfulfilled liabilities, disappearance of responsible persons, introduction of fraud schemes – all this may become a tragedy for your business, if you did not manage to analyze threats to an enterprise before staring cooperation. But how to enhance business security and check persons having possible problems with fulfilling their liabilities? For all companies and legal entities that may take part in fraud schemes and simply be unqualified, there are several distinct criteria that help detect such entities. These, for example, include the following:

Affiliation of key entities to many businesses. The task №1 when searching the signs of a shady partner is to detect a key entity that is privy to other legal entities underwent the bankruptcy procedure, arbitration disputes or liquidation before. Security of business and deals will enhance, if you detect all enterprises and firms that were under control of key entities of prospective firms-partners before. Having analyzed these data, it is possible to grasp to what extent these persons are trustworthy.

Debts and business partner’s property seizure. If a company that you are going to cooperate with has debts or the part of its property is seized by the Federal Bailiff Service, then it is a ground to ponder how trustworthy such a company is. Unfortunately, not everyone has a possibility to check a managing director of partner business, and many people have to run business blindfold, not having a clear vision of business history and reputation of a person they are going to work with. Business security may suffer in that case.

Almost all enterprises of medium and large business are exposed to risk. The companies engaged in B2B sector are particularly sensitive. As they are economically bound with tens of contractors and so on. Security business of these enterprises depends on those preventive measures that may be taken by experts specializing in economic protection of firms. Indeed, only in that case if they have an access to instruments of obtaining comprehensive information on business partners being checked.

Business security is the basis for its successful functioning. It is possible to provide it only by hard selection of companies, aspiring to the role of a partner, outsourcer or contractor. Facing an unreliable market player, your business may considerably suffer. Possible inflict losses may be classified into:

Direct economic losses. They mean loss of financial funds by concluding a contract that was infringed or not fulfilled at all by a hired party. It may be avoided with the help of ordinary checking key entities for their involvement into similar incidents before. Even if an incumbent director general or founder had the imprudence to be spotted in the activity discrediting his/her business reputation, then it may be detected by stating the fact of entity’s involvement into activity of such companies. Modern instruments for business security may help in this case.

Image losses. It is the most dangerous kind of damage that guarantees the status of persona non grata in the business-sphere of the region or state. Having made just one mistake when choosing an unreliable contractor, you may forfeit trust on the part of businessmen for a long time. It is also avoidable, as in the first case, with the help of checking a party for its economic reliability. For protection of interests of honest entrepreneurs and business security provision, we have created the service that lets obtain comprehensive information on a legal entity being checked during a few minutes. It allows to make a right decision when analyzing business partner’s reliability.

A well-built model of business economic security is a set of tactical and informative methods on protection of an enterprise against sudden and planned actions on the part of evil-doers. The process of business security organization is a multi-level system that lets protect a company from within and when working with external economic agents. It is subdivided into the following spheres.

Internal security

The range of works in this branch is connected with current and new employees checking for possibility of property and image damage to the company. Departments of internal business security are also engaged in organization of access for the staff to working places and important points of the company (safe boxes, archives and so on), perimeter control and interaction on the stage of pre-trial conference with suspects on the stage of employee investigation. At medium and large companies this work, as a rule, is performed by retired officials of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Federal Security Service that have an access to the offenders databases what lets distinguish dangerous moments in time.

Advantages of such form of security provision: people with criminal history, heavy debts and problems are not admitted to the work. Business security and its stability increase.

Disadvantages: low efficiency of the security department employees, using out-of-date methods of information collection and analysis. The security department staff comes quite expensive for a company.

External business security

The range of this sphere covers the work with economic business partners that comprise companies-partners of the enterprise in service. It is about an extended network of firms (suppliers, outsourcers and so on) that a company cooperates with. The task for a business security department in this case is to provide with transparency of a business partner before starting business relationships. This list usually includes: analysis of future enterprise-partner’s stability, determination of director general’s business history, accuracy of a registration address and so forth. Economic security department must check all the history of a company and present a structured analysis with forecast of possible threats to the board of directors or company’s head.

Advantages if this system: it is possible to check a business partner through all the bases of the Federal tax service, Federal bailiff service and so on, to make a prompt conclusion on risk extent or absence of it.

Disadvantages: manual collection through the security department staff is quite a long-lasting procedure. Maintenance of employees of this outdated system comes quite expensive for company’s budget. There is a risk of mistake due to human factor, so this method of business security provision needs modernization.

Technological-informative level

Business security in this sphere is performed with the help of organization of controlled stations for access to important objects of a company, provision with technical protection arrangements (watching cameras, detector means and so on), and also protection of computer and digital networks against hack attacks. Every large company uses its own secure servers for placing all necessary operation information, hiding channels of its transmission by modern software.

This level of business security control hardly has disadvantages in its work and remains necessary for introduction to every company that takes care of its operation information integrity.

Is there an opportunity to improve a standard security service department of a company with the help of technological and fast way of obtaining true information on tax and registration history of a business partner? Today there is a contemporary automated service with the updated database on all legal entities being within the tax and legal framework of the Russian Federation. well-timed provision of your business security

An automated service for determining the level of credibility of companies lets solve problems of business security during the short period of time.

With the help of our resource you will be able to obtain urgent data on the following parameters:

Mass registration addresses. Take insight into the fact of business partner’s registration address that belongs to several dozens of companies as well. Most often “mass registration addresses” serve for entities pursuing fraud objectives, using imperfection of the Russian legal system that admits registration of several companies at the same address.

Data on completed bankruptcy procedures. It is an important puzzle when making a picture of prospective partner’s business situation. If founders or director general of the business being checked conducted bankruptcy procedure before or are undergoing it now, then you will be informed of it in several seconds, you will be able to secure your business, not getting hooked up with a bankrupt.

Existing debts and company’s property seizure according to bailiffs’ information. Not willing to worsen the cracked situation, a “partner” may conceal serious problems. Obtain information on business situation of your prospective business partner for several seconds. So, if information on filed proceedings and performed property seizures is confirmed, then you will be able to make a right solution concerning further relationships with representatives of the company being checked.

Comprehensive information from the EGRIP and EGRUL. You can learn all necessary data, including date, place and number of the tax authority that registered a company. Data on founders, charter capital amount, OKVED codes (Russian Classification of Economic Activities) and so on will be available for you as well. A total vision of an individual entrepreneur, limited liability company, public company and any other legal entity conducting business on the territory of the Russian Federation.

Concluded government contracts. All comprehensive information on participation and application of funds gained during government contracts implementation. These data are necessary in order to provide with business security being aware of company’s possibilities. Also the service will find those cases when contracts with a company being checked were broken.

Conducted arbitration proceedings and so on. This indicator is very important when arranging and managing business security. Our resource will present data on all arbitration cases in respect of a business partner immediately, regardless of the fact who filed a suit.

Company’s director checking. With the help of our website it is possible to obtain all comprehensive information on company’s founder or director general, get to learn all companies having relation to the given business partner. For this you just need to enter the full name of the person being checked into search string of the service and the website will deliver all necessary data on a person.


5 reasons to trust the provision of integrated business security

  1. Urgent character of data being provided.Our service disposes of data on all legal entities of the country that are updated every day and changes concerning their status. With us you will be able to learn the most comprehensive and up-to-date information during several minutes. About such matter as business security urgent character of data on a business partner plays a crucial role. Do you want to estimate the advantage of our system against economic security outsourcers? Then get a free trial access to the system right now.

  2. Real benefit of cooperation with When subscribing to our system on business security management, you will be able to cut corners on provision of economic security expert staff of the enterprise incredibly. Besides, you and your partners can learn data on a business partner being checked directly, omitting the possibility of damage by force majeure due to human factor. Obtain all comprehensive data on the object of your interest. We have gathered all necessary information at one place.

  3. Convenient and modern services. Full data obtaining in convenient format. All data are unloaded in convenient form, creating a company or legal entity card. Export files, print them for attachment to reports on economic reliability analysis of a company being checked. Business security has become convenient thanks to modern and user-friendly interface that makes the work with our service with the fullest list of enterprises and legal entities far simpler and much more pleasant.

  4. The best price quotation. We offer a really convenient and inexpensive way to provide your business with economic security with the help of the most advanced solution in the market. Contact a company representative for subscription to our service or take a free trial access to the popular service for business protection right now. For this simply register and activate a test tariff plan. Check your business partner for reliability for the first time right now and absolutely for free.

  5. Real opinions on the part of companies. The service for enhancing economic business security is introduced in dozens of Russian companies every day, standing on guard for medium and large business. Among our users there are own business security departments of famous enterprises in the country, that found much easier way to check a prospective partner for reliability. The best service for business protection has become available for you as well.

Do you need to provide your business with security by reliable and modern means? Do you want to get a guaranteed efficient instrument for security increase at your enterprise? Then take a free trial access to the resource right now and get an access to the most up-to-date database on legal entities in the Russian Federation. Also please call +7 (843) 204-20-91. A qualified expert will answer all your questions.

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