Short-lived companies

In terms of legislation there is still no distinct definition that indicates short-lived companies. It is a discrepancy, because in reality they exist and conduct vigorous activities, often inflicting significant damages both to the state and bona fide businessmen.

Economic security

Economic activity implies developing of tight business cooperation, information exchange, money transfer, product supply and service rendering. Enterprise’s economic security depends on efficient risk mitigation at every step of this process.

Due diligence

Business partner’s reliability is real intentions of a legal entity, its relations with other business partners and with the state generally. As time goes by every company works out its own operating procedures focused on checking of business partners’ reliability. It is not so easy to gain insight on details of this point for a first-time entrepreneur

Mass directors checking

A contemporary world exposes an unlimited quantity of possibilities to a man, but at the same time a lot of difficulties and obstacles lay wait for us. Sticking to the rule “forewarned is forearmed” it is possible to avoid many dangers of nowadays. One of which is the notion of mass directors. Who are they and what is specific for them actually?

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