Commercial court

Commercial proceedings heard in the Russian Federation courts can tell a lot on a prospective business partner. In order to get access to the data on every current and completed law proceeding the commercial proceedings base is used. It involves all information on legal proceedings, herewith company’s history remains deposited during unlimited time span.

It is possible to view commercial proceedings both in the form of general list and separate cards providing with comprehensive information on a legal proceeding. Every card has its own number, what helps to identify the card easily when needed. The number is assigned by filing a case, thanks to what commercial proceedings information remains updated almost without delays.

The information related to a company can be searched both by its employee and third party. The base is often used for checking partner’s business capacity. History of legal proceedings lets get a comprehensive presentation of company’s responsibility level to the state and its business partners.

It is especially urgent for the companies registered at the least two or three years ago. Sometimes young companies do not manage to obtain enough history what may become a basic factor for successful cooperation forecast when being analyzed by their business partners. But even single facts may determine general trend what makes up a specific image of a legal entity.

Commercial proceedings information

If you are not sure of partner’s goodwill, then one of the best ways to check it is to specify the history of legal proceedings. Commercial proceedings let make up a general image on business partner’s cooperation with its preceding partners.

Even if a managing director conceals the fact of cooperation with other legal entities for the purpose of justifying its name, commercial proceedings history helps to obtain valid information on a company. The following points need special focus:

  • Arbitration cases are heard far from enterprise’s registration place. Such an attempt to “cover tracks” does not have a chance, if you make an enquiry to the common database. You will be provided not only with the information on courts location, but also the accurate data on discrepancy root cause. It is normal when some cases are heard not at that city where the legal entity is incorporated and conducts its business (according to your data). But if the company has trials on a regular basis at the very that city it has nothing to do with on the books, you should grow suspicious.

  • An enterprise acted as a defendant at most trials. Sometimes the term “defendant” may be replaced by the term “debtor”: it means that a bankruptcy case was filed against the legal entity. It is relatively safe to bond partnership relations with a company that has a lot of cases with other legal entities and acts as a claimer. The similar approach may indicate obligingness, legal impeccability and committed pursuit of interests. But if all arbitration cases of a business partner were filed by its previous partners, then you should ponder over prospects of similar and like cooperation.

With the help of enterprise’s arbitration cases history a careful analyst will get an accurate image of its top management behavioral peculiarities. Even such information as court decisions may occur to be useful. When analyzing the following points are being taken into consideration:

  • Trials character ratio. Imbalance to definite character may indicate enterprise’s pressure point. In order to analyze this parameter, there is no necessity to consider detailed cards carefully. It is enough to pay attention to pictograms in common enumeration. “A” letter implies administrative cases, “C” – civil ones. The most disturbing pictogram for partners is “B” letter, as it indicates processes related to bankruptcy procedure.

  • Court decisions. By itself, if a company has a big number of proceedings, this fact does not indicate its full hopelessness. In order to get a comprehensive view of prospects for cooperation there is a sense to consider proceeding cards. Pay your attention to the most frequent outcomes. If a legal entity loses a case time after time, then it is inclined to undertake obligations that are beyond its capacity. But if numerous proceedings instigated by the third party are often settled amicably, then after all a business partner demonstrates responsibility to some extent – at least, in a legal procedure.

It is necessary to check information on commercial proceedings every time before making a final decision on future partnership. Even if a famous reputable company offers cooperation, you should get acquainted with its arbitration history. So you will secure yourself against unpleasant surprises and will be able to plan out collaboration more properly.

Commercial proceedings search

An official web service for proceedings history review lets get comprehensive information, but it is not always convenient. In order to accelerate data analysis process you can use external websites connected to the same global database – but with an improved functionality. searches commercial proceedings by INN (Taxpayer Identification Number), address or company name and also by managing director’s name. With a few clicks you can look through all commercial proceedings of your business partner and make a conclusion on its level of responsibility.

Advantages of service:

  • You may control proceedings history of both legal entities and physical persons. The website is directly connected to the full base what allows to get an online access to the up-to-date information on proceedings ever referred to arbitration.

  • You can look through the information in any format convenient for you. A full list of all active and completed proceedings, pending cases only, proceedings of a specific category only: set the filter for quick obtaining of necessary information.

  • In order to learn the proceeding in more detail, just click its link. You will get all available data on a legal proceeding including its results.

  • system makes an automated data analysis by available history. You will get visual proof of reliability (or suspiciousness) of your business partner.

  • Along with the list of proceedings you may obtain information on every company related to the legal entity of your interest. Use these data in order to figure out how a company deals with its business partners. A big number of legal proceedings with former business partners clearly confirm the fact of managing director’s dishonesty.

  • All information is in one place. The more you want to learn on business partner’s behavior, the more publicly available information you will need. provides with an access not only to proceedings history, but also to all materials about the partner that are taken from the Internet. If you are interested in details of this or that legal proceeding result, you will be able to specify them just looking through the relevant documents. service helps to obtain all available information on companies’ interaction with commercial courts. In addition to maximum informational content there is a simple interface and effective automated tool for company’s reliability analysis.

You will be able to learn what the legal proceeding started with, how long it lasted and what resulted in. Also you will obtain the data on the basis of which it is possible to make analysis of company’s behavior in a crisis. With the help of you will get an access to the information bases that you did not know existed. It is an indispensable tool for partners’ financial standing evaluation what lets avoid serious business failures.


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