Entities affiliation

The word “affiliation” originates from English “affiliate” that derived from Late Latin “filialis” what means “childlike”. In English it defines “connect”, consequently, this word implies some connection (joining). On the basis of this information it is possible to conclude that affiliated means being in contact with something, branch office, connected.

What is implied under affiliation? In view of the above mentioned it is interrelation of one object with another, larger one, joining to it, and subordination to main object. Most often it is possible to come across the following combinations: affiliated persons, affiliated entity, affiliated companies.

Affiliated entities

Affiliated entity is a natural or legal entity (often investors) that is endowed with rights and is aware of methods of influence on economic entities operation – other natural or legal entities (enterprises, companies), as it holds capital funds share or is a member of company’s administrative bodies. So, for instance, affiliated entities of a company are members of board of directors, chief executive officers and similar persons. Moreover, affiliated entities are considered to be those who are capable of disposing (or influencing such entities) of more than one-fifth share of the whole corporate capital.

When legal entities belong to financial and industrial departments, members of their governing bodies also become affiliated ones.

However, nowadays the definition “affiliated entity” is by no means endued with a positive sense, as it implies a person or a company that has serious levers of pressure on legal entities and at the same time conceals itself in their business activity.

Signs of legal entities affiliation

Most important signs of entity’s affiliation are as follows:

  • there are other legal entities among founders;

  • affiliated entity of a business partner company is a founder (has other companies, shares in other firms).

If it is set that a company has affiliated entities, it is recommended to check each of them separately. Also it is obligatory required to check its founder, when there is lack of information on natural person. As a rule, in the described situation company’s personal finances and capital are closely interrelated, and when a founder has, for instance, heavy debt burden to banking establishments, he is able to take money from his business causing damage to existing links by using the funds for solving own problems.

Checking of affiliated entities

It is possible to check company’s affiliation in the Federal Tax Service database, search by person’s full name in the Unified State Register of Legal Entities (USRLE) or Unified State Register of Individual Entrepreneurs (USRIE), for example, on our Birank.com web service. We guarantee an accurate and fast result on your request for affiliation of a company or natural person and any legal entity.

Our service lets view interrelation between legal and also physical entities that are a point of interest by a small number of clicks. In order to start searching it is necessary to add 2 entities, after that affiliation check is launched. Herewith entities combination may widely differ.

Birank.com service makes analysis of interrelations between specific entities up to the seventh level easily. This points to the fact that it is possible to check quickly, for instance, if there is affiliation between the owner of company “A” and company “B”, crashed and filed for bankruptcy. In other words, checking of company’s or person’s affiliation gives an opportunity to detect even questionable links of definite structures between each other.

Checking for affiliation of companies or physical/legal entities requires clear and serious approach, as long as this checking can detect dishonest partners, at the same moment it takes not so much time.

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