Mass registration addresses

When being established any enterprise obtains not only a director, founders and name, but also an address that is registered at the USRLE (Unified State Register of Legal Entities) and considered to be a place of business. The location address is determined by the residential area according to paragraph 2 Article 54 of the Tax Code of the Russian Federation. Nevertheless, if it is detected that there is no representative office at the stated address, the company’s management will bear responsibility. Responsibility is also unavoidable in that case when outgoing letters, messages and enquiries are left without any reply.

That is why the data registered at the USRLE specify the real post address. It is the place for destination and receiving letters and other correspondence, so at least one representative office must be located here.

Acts of legislation do not stipulate documented confirmation of the registered entity’s affiliation to the definite place, but false representation may lead not only to administrative, but also to criminal liability.

Mass registration addresses are the addresses that belong not to one and only company but to several ones simultaneously during their establishment. Most often such addresses comprise at least ten companies. By no means all mass registration addresses are fictitious. For example, offices at one and the same business center, and also rooms lettable by giant companies have identical address.

The address is considered to be fictitious, if:

  1. It does not exist in reality.

  2. It belongs to the destroyed or unfinished building.

  3. A lot of companies were registered there, most of which remain to be out of reach in reality.

  4. It is detected that an owner has no right to conduct an activity.

Mass registration addresses register

The notion “mass registration address” is an unofficial term. It is used among departments engaged in detection of short-lived companies. For the first time this term appeared eleven years ago, when Moscow banks got lists of the addresses having been the place of registration for more than ten companies. These lists that included eight thousand of sequence numbers were prepared and sent by the Interdistrict Inspectorate of the Federal Tax Service in Moscow №46, and the “black list” of unfair enterprises was formed on this basis.

Nowadays the “black list” has become irrelevant, and it is much easier to find any information today. Now there is a possibility to check information at the appropriate register.

Disadvantages of cooperation with such companies:

  1. Especially close attention on the part of the Tax Service. Such “interest” may result in unscheduled visits of inspection officers and even business accounts blocking. If it is detected that actual location does not conform to the data from the USRLE, the Federal Tax Service Inspectorate must inform the banks.

  2. The majority of credit establishments are watchful of such owners. In most cases detection of mass registration address is accompanied by on-site inspection, the result of which determines the final decision concerning account opening or its decline.

The fact of registration of several companies at one and same place does not contravene the current law. Indeed, if the stated address is its actual location.

If it is found out once that there is no opportunity to contact the owner by the stated address at the USRLE, it goes to prove that:

  • the provided data on the owner may be considered unreliable;

  • the paragraph 5 Article 5 of the Federal Law is infringed, which obliges directors or other authorized persons to report every current development in the company during three days.

To check mass registration addresses is a unique service for companies’ reliability checking online. Now there is no need to spend time for visiting tax authorities in order to check the company for its mass registration address. All information on any individual entrepreneur or enterprise is displayed during several seconds.

This simple internet-system lets find the data not only on a company itself, but on every business partner having relation to it. This indispensable “instructor” is appropriate both for experienced entrepreneurs and newcomers to the business world.

In order to check the mass registration address the following is enough:

  1. Taxpayer Identification Number (INN).

  2. Primary State Registration Number (OGRN).

  3. Company name.

  4. Its address.

  5. Owner’s full name.

Searching is performed with the help of all above mentioned points or just with some of them.

Except for checking the legal entity for its mass registration address, the website lets check the company for other characteristics as well. Especially you need to check those companies whom you are just starting your cooperation with.

Using online-service, you are able to make:

  1. Arbitration cases analysis. Here you can find out the history of court proceedings and claims, submitted to a business partner ever. The timespan is chosen on one’s own.

  2. Financial analysis. It is necessary for determining the company’s rating, its liquidity, reliability and stability. Besides, financial analysis lets get debts information.

  3. Data on government contracts, including customers, dates of signing each contract concluded in the past, transaction amounts and progress status.

  4. Bankruptcy information. It will help to make up a correct impression of financial difficulties concerning the enterprise being analyzed.

Data on related business partners let make oneself safe from cooperation with the companies having common founders, directors and address.

The information is taken from the official sources only. Thanks to that, applying to service, customers receive trustworthy, reliable and update information. Momentary way of getting the information saves the time and mitigates the risk to the fullest degree.

Birank is a unique assistant for every contemporary entrepreneur. With the help of it you can conduct both one-time checking and monitoring the legal entity for a definite period of time. When monitoring you are able to stay informed of any changes in company’s arbitration cases, data modifications at the USRLE and so forth. Information on recent changes will be immediately sent to the customer’s email.

It is possible to check efficiency and ease of use of online-service Birank right now. It does not require any weary registration. It is enough to enter required data on the entrepreneur at the search box, and you will get the result immediately.

Having registered at the online-service, you will be able to get an access to more advanced searching. If you have any questions concerning the service, you can get personal consultation of a manager, who acquaints you with additional options of the system for business partners checking.

In business there is not only serious money at stake but also reputation. And if financial standing is recoverable after a while, at the same time it is not so easy to regain partners’ and clients’ trust. Online-checking helps you to keep safe from unreasonable risks and losses. Using the service, you will be sure in business partner’s reliability.

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